Industries Served

Sterling serves many industries such as aerospace, medical, defense, analytical instruments, detectors, machine vision, underwater photography and others.
Our optics go into equipment from industries such as aerospace, medical, defense and all kinds of sciences. Our lenses can be found in medical scopes. We also make night vision glass and lenses for scopes for all kinds of defense applications.
We make custom optics for an assortment of science applications such as tempered port windows in mini subs or filters that go in thermo detectors.

In the medical field we supply lenses for scopes. Filter glass that highlights veins for medical staff to have a more accurate line of sight. We also make filters and lenses for blood gas analyzers and other analytical instruments. We make UV filters used in UV curing systems for the dental industry.

We make gauge covers. Anti-reflective covers for instrument panels. Tempered port windows that cover taxi lights on aircrafts. Our lenses can also be found in onboard high-altitude cameras.
Fluid level sight glass.

We make night vision filters used in night vision goggles and other night vision equipment. We make IR windows for fire suppression systems. We also make lenses and windows for fire control. Me make mirror and prism assemblies for M1 tank periscopes. We make filters and lenses for night vision imaging systems (NVIS)

Me make prisms, mirrors, lenses, and filters for analytical instruments. Our components are also used in metrologic systems. We make filters and lenses for detectors used in many scientific applications. We make analog instruments and detectors for all kinds of scientific applications. We make custom optical components for scientific experimentation. Our prisms have been used in labs for light experiments. Different filters have also been used for photography.