Custom Optical Filters

Optical Filters transmit light of different wavelengths to attenuate or enhance an image and to transmit or reflect specific wavelengths. All Optical Filters pass, absorb, and/or reflect light.

There is a large variety of Optical Filters available from Sterling Precision Optics, Inc. Here is a listing of the most commonly used in the optical industry today.

Colored Glass Filters

Colored Glass Filters

Colored glass filters are made from special filter glass material with different absorption and/or transmission properties across a specified spectral region. The raw material for colored glass filters can be in sheets, strips, blanks or blocks.

Colored Glass Filter Material


Colored Glass Suppliers


Heat Absorbing Filters

Heat Absorbing Filters

Heat absorbing filter glass will transmit visible light and absorb infrared radiation. The absorbed IR is dissipated as heat into the cooled air around the optical assembly. Heat absorbing filters are typically tempered or toughened (heat treated) so that the glass will not crack due to the expansion and contraction caused by the heating and cooling. The tempering department at Sterling Precision Optics, Inc. has 5 ovens to handle all types and sizes of glass

Heat Absorbing Glasses Recommended
  • Schott Series: KG1, KG2, KG3, KG5
  • Hoya Series: HA-30, HA-15, HA-50
  • Isuzu Series: ISK-150, ISK-157, ISK-167, ISK-171, ISK-370

Long Pass Filters

Long Pass Filters

These filters pass long wavelengths only and are made from colored glass filter material and/or special optical coatings.

Long Pass Filters Glasses Recommended
  • Schott Series: WG, GG, OG, RG
  • Hoya Series: UV, Y, O, R
  • Optima Series: WB, JB, CB, HB

Short Pass Filters

Short Pass Filters

These filters pass only short wavelengths and are also made from colored glass filter material and/or special optical coatings.

Short Pass Filters Glasses Recommended
  • Schott Series: KG & BG
  • Hoya Series: HA, & B
  • Optima Series: GBR & QB

Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density or ND Filters evenly reduce the transmission across a portion of a certain spectrum (wavelength) visible, ultraviolet or infrared. There are two types of ND Filters: absorptive and reflective. The absorptive filter absorbs light that is transmitted through a specified filter glass. A reflective filter reflects the light back using a specified optical coating.

Neutral Density Glasses Reccommended
  • Schott Series: NG
  • Hoya Series: ND
  • Optima Series: AB

Dichrotic Filters

Dichroic filters have an optical coating that transmits and reflects a given spectrum. They are typically used as color filters and are slightly angle sensitive.

Bandpass Filters


Bandpass filters have either extremely narrow band (<2nm to 10nm) or they have a broadband (50nm to 80nm) transmission across the filter. They are very angle sensitive care must be taken when installing in an optical assembly.




Sterling Precision Optics, Inc. has an extensive Quality Control Department that utilizes both traditional and statistical measuring methods. All jobs have first-piece and in process quality control operations through the production process. Each and eve

Test Instruments

  • Calipers 10) 4 With Mini Processors
  • Mics
  • Granit Surface Plate 24” X 18” X 2”
  • Jo Blocks (Certified)
  • Angle Blocks
  • Protractors(2)
  • Scratch Dig Set (Certified)
  • Optical Bench And Laser, Spectra Physics 155
  • Spectrophotometer, Lamba 3b Uv/Vis
  • Height Indicator Electronic, Mitutoyo
  • Microscopes(2)
  • Optical Flat (Certified)


Test Equipment

  • Polarascopes (2)
  • Shock Tester
  • Drop Ball Tester
  • Thermal Oven
  • Low Temp. Chamber
  • Abrasion Tester
  • Laser, Spectra Physics
  • Laser Diode, Lisiris