Choose Optical Filter Glass Products That Last

Created at :   Dec 05 2022

Optical filter glass is a specialized variety of optical glass designed to selectively absorb, reflect and transmit light in various wavelengths. It is often used for scientific, medical and industrial applications such as spectroscopy, microscopy and imaging. Filter glasses can also be used to improve the performance of optics systems by reducing background glare or eliminating unwanted reflections.

Absorb Certain Wavelengths

There are many types of optical filter glasses available with different properties that make them suitable for specific applications. The most common type of filter glass is absorptive filters, which absorb certain wavelengths while allowing others to pass through. Absorptive filters come in both colored and neutral varieties and are typically constructed from dyed quartz or color-absorbing dyes combined with a transparent substrate like fused silica.

Metallic Coating

Reflective filters are also available, which reflect certain wavelengths and transmit others. These types of filter glasses usually have a metallic coating that reflects only the desired wavelength while allowing others to pass through. Another type of reflective filter is dichroic glass, which contains multiple layers of thin films and typically has more than one color reflected or transmitted.

Compatible With Optics Systems

When selecting a filter glass for an application, it’s important to consider several factors including transmission range, absorption range, spectral performance and the quality of the optical surface. It’s also important to ensure that the filter glass is compatible with the optics system being used so that they can be mounted without any issues. 

Achieve Optimal Performance

Optical filter glasses are essential components in many scientific, medical and industrial optics applications and can be used to great effect when choosing the right one for the job. With a wide range of options available, it’s important to select the best filter glass for your application in order to achieve optimal performance. By understanding the fundamentals of optical filter glass, users can make better informed decisions when selecting or designing a system with specific filtration needs. Contact Sterling Precision today!