Taking out finished precision optics we them mount them into whatever housing is needed. We work with the customers design needs and assemble units that are ready to use. Working along side the engineers we take their drawings and bring them to life. Using adhesives or frames we can mount the finished glass part to whatever the customer needs. We have a clean air booth with a clean pressurized air system the ensure that for clean assemblies stay clean. We also have ultra sonic cleaners for any preparation of assembly parts. having access to the precision glass parts is good incase upon assembling it breaks or chips there’s no wait to get another one.

Upon completion of the desired lens, we hand mount the lenses to the required housing. The units are assembled in accordance with customer design needs so each lens arrives ready-to-use in whatever application is necessary. We work closely with engineers in order to guarantee that their designs and specifications are perfectly represented in the finished product. Our clean air room provides us with the ability to construct in an environment free of particles and contaminants, ensuring the clarity and cleanliness of all assemblies. Some assembly parts need to be prepped for optimum functionality, we have sonic cleaners on site to accommodate any preparation needs. Sterling precision optics even prepares for inevitable chips and breaks that can occur during the assembly process by always having extra pieces of your precision glass in stock, so that there is no additional wait time added in case of any setbacks.